Bayonaise Would like your response to this question : Why won’t my graphics tablet work?
It’s a Bamboo graphics tablet, the £30 one. I’ve installed the disc etc and it worked perfectly fine before. I moved my computer around a bit, now it doesn’t work and it freezes if I unplug it, causing me to restart my computer.


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Answer by ebox1349
when you say computer is it a tower PC or a laptop?
Did you move it with the tablet cable connected?
It is possible what is not working is either the USB port on the tablet or the cable itself, perhaps the USB port on the PC. If connected whilst you moved it it is possible you have damaged the port connections and the tablet is going to need to be returned for repair under warranty if still valid.
Check all the ports are working with perhaps a USB mouse or a pendrive, if none are working then look at the USB hub drivers in Device Manager, if any or all report an error reload the chipset drivers. You could try a different USB cable, see if that works but the freezing of the computer suggests USB port errors.