emi.diddle Would like your response to this question : Recommend affordable PC tablets?
I’m looking to buy my parents a PC tablet for Christmas. I only want to spend between £100-£200 so i’m looking mostly at budget tablets e.g. hudl, kindle fire etc.

All they will use it for is internet browsing and answering emails and maybe a few apps, so it only has to be basic but preferably easy to use!! I’d also prefer it to have a larger screen.

Can anyone recommend the best tablets on the market in this price range?

Some helpful responses :

Answer by Natasha
Kindle Fire HD is a good choice I thought. On Mother’s Day this year, I bought one for my mother. She
likes it very much. You might want to think about.

Answer by ShaneTFletcher
The Samsung tablets are going for cheap.

If you went £60 more ontop of £200, you can get a iPad mini.

Answer by Ryan
Well if they are not all that tech savy then get them a kindle fire. But if they dont plan to do alot of reading then some android tablets will do. Samsung galexy tab 3 or 2 will be fine for them Lenovo makes some nice ones too. Look in the links below to see one you like. A case & bluetooth keyboard is highly advised. Ipads can be a real bitch to work with so stay away from them. The 7 inch ones are usally cheaper in price. The HP Slate 7 is one to consider.







~good luck

Answer by Luke
24 months ago there wasn’t such a thing as a budget tablet, or at least one that we would recommend. Now the market is positively booming. Here’s where we review and rank the 10 best budget tablets available to buy in the UK in 2013/2014.