}DaveyMcB Wishes to hear your experience on this question : How do artists make prints of their paintings?

Some of your answers :

Answer by michalart
Do you mean posters? In this case take a picture, edit it for press and print it.

Answer by meteburch
You would need to take a Very high quality picture of the painting perhaps with a medium or large format camera, and use lighting that compliments the painting’s colours, making sure you take a completely flat picture. Then process the image and scan it, print it etc. But in todays age I think they would just take a large or medium format picture using a special ‘digital back’ which would attach to the old medium format camera changing it to a very high resolution digital camera. This will also eliminate the scanning process in which some quality may have been lost. Then it is printed to the highest quality on the best paper for that task.

Answer by pearldaisy
Giclee printing. Read top 2 links for info.

Below are some (randomly chosen) links from businesses which do giclee printing for artists.

HOWEVER, take Jeffrey’s point (below) – only see this as a cheap repro option to circulate your work – not suggesting it’s the same as pulling real prints – there’s no guarantee of how long these digital prints will last and they’re cheap reproductions NOT in any way comparable with limited run real art prints made by hand – by mechanical press or photo litho even.

Answer by beauxpatrick
As above so below! If it is digital art and is a file you can make it into high resolution… if it is a painting you will need it photographed and I recommend that a pro do it. But, if you want to do it yourself, remember that the image must be exactly square and flat. with the camera directly in front and the lighting is at 45% on either side.
Adjust to rid the flares and reflections….. it is best that the painting not be viewed behind any glass, or use a special lens that is a perspective control lens. Very expensive!

Take this digital file and convert it to a PDF and take to a place like Kinko’s or other small run printer to save you money. Have them make a copy of the file and you keep the original… make sure that your copyright notice is embedded somewhere in the panting of photo.


Answer by mary texas
i send a file to a company called art-tec.com they are very helpful and will explain it all. their work is inexpensive and good

Answer by Orla C
One way of doing it is to get a really good quality digital camera and take photographs of the paintings in suitable light with the camera on a tripod and preferably using a remote button so the camera isn’t even slightly shaken.

Photographs taken in raw file format can be worked much more. If you want really high quality prints, save the best versions as TIFF files, and you can always print from these.

Most graphic or design studios have printers linked to computers to print from TIFF files in large formats, like posters or bigger. Depending on the size and quality, each print can cost €30 to €50 to make.

Answer by jeffrey
Don’t do it! It’s a scam the people making the money are the printers not you, unless you’ve got backers and promoters. In which case you should find a real printer to work with you to create Lithographs of your work, (not off-set computer stuff). Good Luck!

Answer by Ghostmom
You can also check out cafepress.com, etsy.com and others. Artlist.com carries new shows and competitions monthly but also has referral sites of those offering different printing options to artists and photographers.

Answer by friedoutofmymind
I take my work to Staples and they scan and print in for me. I get it printed on a thicker paper that has the same texture as the canvas.You can get it shiny or matte. ALL of my paintings I’ve taken there, have made the paintings look BETTER colorwise. Plus it’s innexpensive. Then you can matt and frame the copies, and you really can’t tell the difference. I’ve liked the prints better than the originals. Plus you never know when a worker or other customer will see your work, like it, buy it, or ask for a commission.