tom Would like help with this question : As genius is often close to madness or mental instability do you think we are in danger of medicating the?
talents of genius away by giving people these brain destroying, creativity destroying, psychiatric tablets like sweets with no good judgement?

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Answer by Ollie
Yep plain and simple, Einstein was mental, Although hawking’s isnt >.<

Answer by BAH


Answer by anserz
People are kept lobotomized by tptb with chemicals, sugar, fluoride and drugs. These things not only affect your health but alter your brain, emotions and hormones.

Answer by Tim
There was a Mother Goose and Grimm strip where a doctor says to a concerned parent he can fix their child’s ADD problem with Ritalin. The child was William Shakespeare. We’ve stifled countless Shakespeares already.

Answer by ,,,,,,
BONZO,You are absolutely correct.Doctors are hurting people with prescribed drugs that damage the reproductive system of people who they prescribe anti depressants.

Answer by aggiemom2000
I have worked with Psychiatrist in a hospital for the last 13 years. I have not once seen them attempt to medicate away genius. It’s OK to think “outside the box” and be creative. In fact, it’s OK to be outright mad and live without medications. However, if a person becomes a danger to themselves or others (suicidal or homicidal) there may be intervention. IQ is measured on a bell curve, and either end of the curve that is extreme. Very low on th curve is mental retardation. Very high on the curve is genius. Many genius level individuals self-medicate with illicit drugs or alcohol, because they are uncomfortable in life. They often feel that they don’t “fit in.” However, the only person’s I have ever seen medicated were individuals with grandiose delusions who believed they were a genius, but were actually suffering from a mental illness. When doing well on medications, they themselves knew that they were not genius. Creativity cannot be squashed by a correct dosage of medication. Only severe over-medication would stop creativity. An ethical Psychiatrist would never stomp out genius. However, there are unethical practitioners. That’s why individuals have choices. One can choose another psychiatrist, and one has the right to refuse medications short of court ordered meds. That is very rare. Don’t judge a whole profession on what appears to be a strong personal opinion.