Wulfruna Wishes to know : Are ebook readers (like the Sony Reader) actually nice to read?
I just can’t read things that are on a computer screen for longer than about 2 minutes. I was thinking about getting something like a Sony Reader but am wondering if I’ll actually feel right sitting there and reading off one.

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Answer by rohit a
For reading I would recommend Amazon Kidnle.

iPod Touch is good too coz it has an FREE app Stanza, that makes you read Books as per your preference you can make font bigger and change colors. There are many font style n colors are available. You can listen to ur favorite music while reading.

I love it coz it also has online book store where you get tons of amazing books for free and you can buy recent book right from Touch.

You can also transfer all your book ,files or document to it and read them anywhere.

The problem with Sony reader is it doesnt have Wi-Fi so you can not access books if you dont have on it. iPod touch can any time access either your computer or online bookstore.

When you turn the page over on Sony it’s not smooth at all, but on ipod Touch it’s so smooth.

iPod touch supports almost all the format of the world. iPod touch has minimum 8GB memory so without being worried about memory stick u can download as many book as many u want. And it gives u amazing collection of books for free and many Comic books also.

It has Dictionary and translator also .

If you watch review of Sony reader on CNET it clearly says it has some lag which can be annoying at times so i think Touch is the best bet. Price wise also it offers more value for money.

Answer by HARRY N
I find the eReader is like reading off a piece of paper. there is not the glare of a normal display. Also compared with hand held computers the battery life is good enough to read a few books on one charge as it only uses power for page turns.

Answer by Elfwreck
The e-Ink readers like the Sony Reader, Kindle and iLiad are not hard on the eyes the way a computer screen is–they don’t project any light. (So you also can’t read them in the dark.) They look very much like paper.

There’s a half-second or so transition between pages that most people get used to very quickly, but if you think you might not, you should find a way to borrow or test one first.

You should also consider filetypes–not all readers read the same types of ebooks, so you’ll need to think about where you’ll be getting them from. If you mostly plan on buying them, check out online ebook stores to see what’s available; if you plan on getting mostly free ebooks, you probably want something that reads PDF and epub, because those are very common formats. (None of the e-Ink readers are great with PDFs, but some are better than others.)

Answer by reignofcheese
You can easily forget you’re reading a digital display. Sony is the better machine, Amazon (kindle) has the better book store. Great product for a reader, but keep in mind it’s new and the technology will improve rapidly.